The safety and security of protected information is of the highest importance in a healthcare setting, and in many instances is required by federal and state law. It’s why the X-Techs Vendor Credentialing system is protected by advanced data encryption at both the site and server levels.

The X-Techs Vendor Credentialing System has numerous robust layers of security, and is monitored by an offsite technical team that can interface with facility IT personnel if a problem ever arises.

However, all systems—no matter how technologically advanced—require the diligence of their users to remain secure. Users are reminded to choose complex passwords, though ones they can remember easily, and to use a combination of letters and numbers in their password selection. Never write your password down, don’t use the same password for multiple applications and, of course, never share it with anyone.

Also, please review each facility’s information security policies, procedures and guidelines for more information.